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Holistic Life-Θρακομακεδόνες Aχαρναί - Μενίδι - Yoga, Pilates

Come to our place and outsmart your best self! Together we learn to love and respect our body. Together we improve both our inner and outer self. Choose Yoga and Pilates to transform your body into a healthy, beautiful and strong figure free from physical and mental pain. Then perfect your new self by choosing amongst our holistic treatments.


The Pilates method was developed in the early 20th century by Joseph H. Pilates. He himself was an athlete inspired by his martial arts, dance, yoga and acrobatic arts. Today there are undoubted benefits of the method and its followers rightly grow.

All exercises are done on the original Pilates machines or/and using props, which help in empowerment, tightening and flexibility.


We follow a holistic approach. That means we evaluate and heal soul and body as a whole without being able to treat a sign.

We offer you Therapeutic massage as well as cosmetic therapies. You can choose whichever fits your body and needs.


Yoga is a complete training system designed to unite soul, mind and body. Through a series of stances (asanas), movements and breaths, it creates a flexible and healthy body, releases tension, while cleansing and calming your mind. It offers wellness, energy and mental balance.